Cosmoprof Worldwide 2022 was held in Bologna, Italy on April 28th - May 1st.  It is known to be one of the largest and most important beauty trade shows in the world and began in 1967!  This trade show is now hosted in various cities around the world throughout the calendar year.  It is a fully B2B event that attracts thousands of distributors, brands, wholesalers and all other vital parts of the industry.  The 2022 show in Italy attracted over 220,000 visitors and over 2700 exhibitors; a HUGE turnout, especially post-covid.

Lumadea was fortunate enough to feature a booth to show off the world of snail mucin cosmetics right in its own home country of Italy. This vibrant booth was met with many interested people who wanted to learn all about the snail and its relationship to cosmetics and beauty. The Lumadea booth was also able to feature its newest products, such as sunscreen, makeup, cough suppressant, a remedy for heartburn, and hand sanitizer (None of these available in the U.S. market, yet). This vast variety of offerings really displays the versatility of the snail mucin!

Simone Sampo’, the mastermind behind our Italian snail revolution, is seen at the Lumadea booth educating people about all things snail! He is bringing attention to the science behind what the snail can provide for human health, the economy, and the environment. He is the true face of this world of snails. Simone has elevated the snail to something more than a canned slimy escargot or a discount/low-quality snail mucin cosmetic product from other countries and methods around the world. Every detail of these snails and snail-by-products coming from Cherasco, Italy is carefully orchestrated to suit a luxurious, modern consumer market.

Lumadea was received very well at Cosmoprof. All available products were on display, many of them open for testing/sampling. This is a very strong showing for a brand that only has been selling for about 2 years in Europe.