Ultimate Skincare Guide to Using Snail Mucin and Retinol

Snail Mucin and Retinol are two cosmetic/cosmeceutical treasures that are exceedingly popular right now! They share many healing properties for your skin and can be used together for a COMPLETE skin care regimen. We will show you exactly how these key skin care items fit into your beauty routine.


Facts about Retinol

Retinol is derived from Vitamin A. It is a very effective, recognizable, and trending cosmetic tool. In the cosmetics world, Vitamin A is a main staple to support cell regeneration in your skin. Retinol has been shown to be very effective at smoothing wrinkles and treating acne.  People with sensitive skin should exercise caution when doing retinol treatments to their skin.  Also, Retinol treatments, while they are on your skin, are particularly sensitive to direct sunlight.  Sunscreen or other protective products should be used in conjunction with Retinol.

Retinols are specifically weaker versions of retinoids, which aligns with retinols being more of an over-the-counter consumer good vs. retinoids, which are mainly only available via doctor prescription due to their intensities. Dermatologists use retinoids for many in-office treatments like facials and chemical peels.


Snail Mucin and Skincare

Snail Mucin and snail mucin cosmetics are also recommended by dermatological testing to be an essential tool for the purpose of moisturizing and regenerating your skin. Its full-spectrum skin regeneration package of hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, collagen, allantoin, elastin, vitamin A, and vitamin E is the true complete package for hydration, protection, repair, and renewal! Snail mucin products can help heal scars, acne breakouts, aging lines and spots.



Using Retinol with Snail Mucin Skincare Products

Retinol and Snail Mucin, together, can be the ultimate team for full skin hydration and protection. Both treatments perform similar functions for skin repair, such as, reduction of acne scarring, wrinkle reduction, harmonizing of skin tone, and improving texture. The Retinol/snail mucin combination can also greatly help reduce the size of your skin pores and help activate the production of collagen. The Snail mucin (or snail mucin products) can be applied as the protective barrier to a retinol application. They can be layered or blended together. This powerful duo can be especially helpful for people with sensitive skin that are trying to use retinol treatments. The well-balanced and complete composition of the snail mucin can help reduce skin irritation during the retinol application. 

This combination is a rapidly growing trend in the beauty and cosmetic world. While there is very little actual proven data of these treatments complimenting each other, many users are reporting great results and dermatologists are seeing the benefit of such a routine to a point where new research is starting to be conducted.


What Does Lumadea USA Recommend to Support Retinol treatments?

Lumadea recommends incorporating your retinol applications after cleansing your face with our Face Scrub, followed by our Essential Line Milk and Toner Facial Cleanser , and before applying our full-force Lumadea Essential Line protection and illuminating combination of Face Drops, Anti-Age Face Cream, Eye and Lip Contour Serum and Anti-Age Face Serum. This very specific and complete regimen will support your retinol treatments and help make them most effective, and much less abrasive to your skin. This robust combination of Lumadea products and Retinol can be used up to 3-4 times per week.

Always remember to consult a dermatologist any time you combine treatments or use new products. Also, always be sure to read labels to determine proper dosages and if the particular treatment is suitable for your type of skin.