Snail Mucin for Acne: How Snail Mucin Can Augment Your Routine

Can Snails Help with Acne?

Snails to treat acne? Is that gross? Will it actually improve my skin? The short answer is, YES (except for the gross part, snails are actually very clean if treated correctly)! The same snails that make the world best escargot also secrete the world’s best snail slime to do wonders to your skincare routines. While snail extract is just now starting to become popular for acne and overall skincare routines, Lumadea has taken it one step further and created several lines of skincare products and cosmetics designed to leverage snail mucin in formulations designed specifically for your skincare needs!


Most teens and young adults are constantly searching for the best acne routine. Lumadea Cosmetics are specifically formulated to revive and nourish your skin down to each layer, making it a great accompaniment to your existing acne routine, or you can follow the Lumadea options and build a whole new routine! Our COSMOS certified snail mucin is extracted from happy snails with the utmost attention to being cruelty-free, sustainable and organic. Snail mucin can be abrasive to the skin if harvested improperly.


The snails are fed a very specific diet and are processed/extracted in a very clean, safe and modern manner to get the very best snail slime without harming the snail. These are the same types of snails that are getting recognized in the food industry - similar to clams you would enjoy at a fine-dining restaurant - and are also being noticed as a clean protein source that is easily renewable with a low carbon footprint to supplement common foods like beef, chicken, and pork. These snails reproduce (lay eggs) roughly every 45-60 days with multiple eggs (snail caviar is a thing, too!) at one time, making it very difficult to endanger the species.

The Helix Aspersia Muller snail's mucin or slime has many properties that lend itself to skin health and fighting acne

Why Do We Use Snail Mucin?

Snail mucin is simply the slimy substance snails leave behind as a defense or pleasure response to their environment. Snail mucin is unique in that it contains a full-spectrum benefit to your skin! These are the primary naturally occurring and fully active components found in snail mucin from the Helix Aspersia Muller snail used in Lumadea’s premium cosmetics and skincare products:


  • Allantoin: moisturizing and healing properties.
  • Glycolic acid: delivers an intense exfoliating action, removes dead skin cells from acne damage
  • Collagen: protein useful for maintaining skin hydration and stability. Regenerates healthy skin cells after acne damage is removed.
  • Elastin: protein capable of assisting the natural elasticity of your skin. Helps prevent acne from drying out critical areas.
  • Hyaluronic acid: hydrates your skin, actually known to balance skin oils and prevent acne
  • Vitamin A: helps accelerate healing and building of the skin's immune system, and supports skin moisturization
  • Vitamin E: fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant action for the skin, helping protect skin cells from damage. Universally known for healing wounds.

In addition to all of these wonderful compounds that make snail mucin so effective on skin, it also is emerging as being an antibacterial solution. Some types of acne are known to leave fungal/bacterial issues in the damaged area as direct results of scabbing, bleeding, puss, and exposure to impurities in the air (smog, pollution). This also sheds light on the wound-healing properties that snail mucin conveys. People often use Vitamin E products to heal a scar after a surgery. Since snail mucin contains Vitamin E, along with the array of other wonderful ingredients, it brings more of a full force healing, nourishing and beautifying effect.

Lumadea offers pure premium COSMOS certified snail mucin for manufacturers or those looking to create their own formulation

Can Snail Mucin help with Acne?

With the combined efforts of the active ingredients and antibacterial properties, our COSMOS certified snail mucin will add many benefits to your acne protocol. This particular use for snail mucin products is fairly new to the skincare/cosmetic market, but many people are already seeing it enhance their routine!


It makes perfect sense that snail mucin helps acne issues, because it is most known in cosmetics for anti-age, anti-wrinkle, hydrating, nourishing, replenishing, and illuminating effects to skin. In this case, healing and aesthetics go hand-in-hand.


How to Add Snail Mucin to Your Acne-Eliminating Skincare Routine

All Lumadea products are appropriate and awesome to help treat acne-related skin issues. Specifically, GO CLEAN and GO PURIFY from our FRESH LINE.

 Lumadea's GO CLEAN foaming cleanser

This combination helps remove the impurities from your skin, and then protect it with a fresh layer of natural ingredients. GO PURIFY actually contains salicylic acid, which is widely known and used in the world of acne products.

Lumadea's GO PURIFY cream with pure snail mucin formulated with natural skincare ingredients

Salicylic acid can actually be pretty harsh on the skin, and our COSMOS certified snail mucin is known to neutralize abrasiveness of other facial treatments, making it easier for sensitive groups to utilize more skincare techniques without the worry of excess redness or rashes.

Another that you can go with your anti-acne routine is going with a product that is 70% concentrated with snail slime like our PURE SNAIL SPRAY from our ESSENTIAL LINE.

Lumadea's Pure Snail Spray packs pure snail mucin in a lightweight easy-to-apply formulation

Whatever route you decide for your anti-acne skincare routine, Lumadea products can be used in conjunction with your existing routine, or you can form your own routine centered around the snail mucin. These snail mucin products can ONLY HELP YOUR ACNE, there is no known possibility that snail mucin exacerbates acne.


Pure and properly harvested Snail mucin can also be used in more clinical acne care routines. For this, we actually offer Our COSMOS certified snail mucin in bulk. This is not currently offered on the website, but you can contact us with inquiries. The pure snail mucin can be used similar to a salicylic acid facial at a dermatologist. It can also be used in conjunction with other facial treatments at the doctor. Snail mucin, alone, is very acidic. If you plan to use the pure ingredient, please consult your doctor or dermatologist to make sure that it’s right for you.

 Snail mucin a powerful skincare option to any routine

Using Snail Mucin for Acne

Acne can be a huge stress for anyone to deal with, with the many different types and many products marketed for it. Lumadea Cosmetics offers a range of skincare products that are an impactful and non-irritating solution to use on their own or with other acne-fighters to add to your skincare routine AND your results. COSMOS snail mucin is a very effective and non-irritating compound that battles to reduce inflammation, outcompete harmful fungal/bacterial problem areas, and gently exfoliate your skin for full renewal.